Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which an neutral third party (Mediator) works with the parties involved to come to an agreed upon resolution.  The Mediator is not a decision maker but a facilitator.

During a mediation proceeding, the mediator will meet with all parties (and/or their counsel) to discuss the issues at hand and try to come to a resolution.  Sometimes all parties are in the same room and sometimes they are not.  The Mediator’s role is to facilitate communication, negotiation and problem solving by the parties involved.  Red Gate Solutions’ strives to consistently offer mediation in a confidential, non-threatening environment.  The ultimate goal is consensual, timely dispute resolution by the parties involved.

Mediators that are certified by the Florida Supreme Court receive mandatory training and must meet other experience and education requirements, including undergoing mentorship process.    In addition, Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators must also required to obtain continuing education related to all of the areas in which they wish to maintain certification.  More information can be found at

Red Gate Solutions believes that, even in private mediation settings, mediators holding current Florida Supreme Court certification as well as other pertinent credentials are best qualified to serve the parties involved.  Certified mediators are held to a consistent ethical standard, which will be applied whether the mediation is court-ordered or private.

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