Divorce can be the most traumatic and financially devastating event of a lifetime.  However, it does not have to be that way.  Divorce will always be life changing but, for most couples, a friendly, professional and well-structured resolution can be accomplished with the right assistance.

For couples with children, the divorce process should restructure the family to ensure that, as the marriage ends, Mom and Dad are both able to provide the most nurturing and positive environment possible for their children while maintaining a long-term positive financial lifestyle for both parents.  This begins with the transition from living in one house to two and continues through your children’s marriages and becoming Grandma and Grandpa to their babies.

For couples without children at home, division of property and finances will greatly affect the future lifestyle of each person.  Being able to understand the impact of financial changes and new living arrangements will smooth the transitions created by divorce.  Navigating the paperwork and social changes in a positive environment helps both parties to move confidently and securely into the next phase of their life.

Red Gate Solutions can help with your divorce.  Our professionals provide two distinct services:

Mediation:  Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators work with couples to ensure a collaborative and consensual agreement is attained.  Most couples will not utilize attorneys for this process if both parties are knowledgeable of the marital assets and there are no complex legal issues (such as abuse).  But even couples who employ attorneys and financial advisors can benefit from mediation to establish common ground, resolve issues and ensure that they end-up in court with an uncontested divorce.


Family Mediation rate: $150 per hour, with a 3-hour minimum. Each party pays one-half of the total fee prior to mediation.  Refunds are available with a 48-hour cancellation notice.

Divorce Financial Analysis rate: $125 per hour, with no minimum.  Fees are billed at the time of service and due upon receipt.  Court appearances are billed at $1000 per day and payable in advance.  50% refunds are available for cancelled court dates.