Why do I need a CDFA?

Family law attorneys have expertise in a very specialized area of the law. In the same way, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts have specialized knowledge on the financial and tax issues related to divorce. We work with the financial issues in divorce and become part of the team with the attorney.  A CDFA looks at the property issues, tax issues, retirement plans, basis, and other little known IRS rules that apply to people getting a divorce.  They also have expertise in providing financial projections so that the client can understand the long term impact of settlement decisions.

What does a CDFA do?

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst works alongside the client’s attorney to ensure that all financial factors related to the divorce are well understood and that the client has the right information to make the best settlement decisions.   The CDFA researches financial profiles on both sides of the case and assists with preparation of court financial documents.  (A few of the specific items that benefit from CDFA expertise include retirement plan valuation, property transfer rules, carry forward provision specific to spousal and child support payments, and innocent spouse rules.)  The CDFA performs analysis and projects outcomes under varied settlement options, depicting the short-term and long-term impact of decisions.   The CDFA understands the tax laws, including the impact of current and future changes, and takes those into consideration when helping to evaluate settlement options.

Why choose Red Gate?

Red Gate Solutions is a positive resource for families in transition.  Suzanne Bennett not only has the much-needed experience and knowledge gained in the business world, she understands accounting and tax intricacies as well as family mediation issues.  But more importantly, she understands the life changing impact of divorce.  She provides support while keeping in mind the importance of impartiality in a mediation situation. She also provides empathetic understanding and factual support in an analyst/client situation.  Suzanne’s professionalism and versatility make her the go to choice in a variety of family law resolution situations.